Swimming out the season

READY TO SWIM The swimming team members arrive in Marshalltown for the state competition. Representing Wahlert were Annie Hermann, Adrianna Schroeder, ’18, Abbie Montag, Natalia Verastegui, ’19, Carlie Noel, ’17, Elly Kalb, ’19, Manager Christine Kalb, ’20, Brielle Osthoff and Shantelle Graff, ’19.

Although the swimming and diving season has come to an end, the girls found plenty to relish about the season.

Eight freshman, seven swimmers and one diver joined the team this year, making it a very young team. But this didn’t give them a disadvantage. Five swimmers, three of them being freshmen, qualified for state. Three varsity records were also broken: the 500 freestyle, 200 freestyle, and the 200 freestyle relay.

Abbie Montag, ‘19, broke the 500 freestyle record. “I worked really hard and my team was backing me up the whole time,” said Montag.

The 200 freestyle record was broken by Elly Kalb, ‘19, and the new 200 freestyle relay record was set by Carlie Noel, ‘17, Abbie Montag, Natalia Verastegui, and Elly Kalb, ‘19.

However, not every freshman came in as an expert. Kaitlyn Fernandes, ‘19, was a newcomer, but she still enjoyed herself. “I had a great first time swimming,” said Fernandes. “Everyone was really nice.”

Only one senior left the team this year. Katelynn Schroeder, ‘16, said, “I’m really sad it’s my last year, but I couldn’t be more blessed to have spent my time with the 19 girls on our team.”

With such great times and new swimmers, the team can’t wait for next year. “It was a record-breaking season,” said Coach Emily Snyder. “The future looks bright for Wahlert swimming and diving!”