No plans, no problem: Summer ’21 bucketlist


FISHIN’ AND LOVIN’ Maria Roth ’21, on her first fishing adventure of the year.

Summertime is approaching too quickly, so here are some ways to make your summertime fun-filled:

  • Mini Golfing- Isabelle Pfeiffer ‘22. “I love to do this with my friends, and Galena has a really nice spot.”
  • Paint Twister- Lay out Twister, but rather than playing on the blank mat, pour paint on to the corresponding color circles.
  • Day Trips to different city
  • Pull an all-nighter- Grace Zhang ‘24 “I love to do this with my friends, we watch movies, hang out, and do whatever.”
  • Tent camping- Macie Huntington ‘22. “Instead of people camping in campers, I think it is good to sometimes actually camp in a tent.”
  • Picnic (refer to page 7)
  • Tubing
  • kayaking – Blair Hughes ‘23
  • Slip ‘n slides- Kimberly Graff, ‘22, “Our family puts tarps down the hill, so it is like a huge slip ‘n slide.”
  • Beach trip at Finley’s- Emily Barnes ‘21. “Everyone always goes there, and every time it is so much fun!”
  • Sleep under the stars- Rylee Steffan, ‘24
  • Biking- Tommy Specht, ‘22
  • Climb on a roof- Landon Stoll, ‘21
  • Dress as dads and have a cookout – Alaina Stecklein, ‘22. “I have always wanted to do this, and it seems really funny.”
  • Drive-in movies
  • Fly kites- Ayden Lochner, ‘23, “It is a staple summer bucket list idea.”
  • Make a fort
  • Switch phones with your best friend for a day – Shea Brown, ‘24, said this because she thought it would be a fun idea for good friends.
  • Bonfire- Amya Lamenz, ‘23
  • Try a new food