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Our thoughts on the traditions of The Nest

Our thoughts on the traditions of The Nest

William Herbst and Ashley Steele

January 30, 2020

The Nest was once known as one of the best student sections in the state. Hundreds of students would participate in every cheer with an immense amount of school spirit. Wahlert takes pride in its student section. However, the past few years it seems as though participation has declined among the birds in...

The Nest: Hungry for cheerful freshman

The Nest: Hungry for cheerful freshman

William Herbst, Reporter

October 7, 2019

Always the proudest, always the loudest, The Nest has always been the best in the business since its inception. Well, its safe to say its back and better than ever as it supports fellow Golden Eagles on the field and court.  With the guidance of the cheers of the cheerleaders and the senior leaders ...

Best Dressed Nest

Sam Ambrosy, Reporter

March 17, 2016

Over the past years, it has become routine for students to encourage fans to dress in certain ways for high school athletics. The terms “black out” and “white out” no longer mean a massive power outage, or white liquid to cover up errors on papers. They are now terms for commonplace high school...

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