The Nest goes wild for Togas and Friday Night Lights.
The Nest goes wild for Togas and Friday Night Lights.

The Nest: Hungry for cheerful freshman

October 7, 2019

Always the proudest, always the loudest, The Nest has always been the best in the business since its inception. Well, its safe to say its back and better than ever as it supports fellow Golden Eagles on the field and court. 

With the guidance of the cheers of the cheerleaders and the senior leaders of the Nest, The Nest is an experience that you have to see to believe, unless of course they’re not loud enough that you haven’t already heard them. One senior leader of The Nest, Zach Warden, ‘20, is out from football recovering from injury and misses the sport. However, he says leading The Nest is almost as fun. 

“Football was my favorite sport, and I love it, but I guess I’ll just have to settle for being the Nest leader,” Warden said. “It’s one of the funnest positions in all of high school.” With successful football and volleyball teams this fall, the cheering section won’t be stopping the chaos anytime soon.

But when you take a look at The Nest and where people sit, you might notice something strange. It’s usually the upperclassmen in the front, leading the charge of cheers, and not a lot of freshmen. But the seniors constantly encourage freshmen to support the Varsity teams. 

Warden claims “Of the freshman who aren’t cheering, you have to yell at them, get them fired up.” 

One freshman, Riley Woods, ‘23,  is a big part of the freshman body of The Nest, commented on fitting in as a freshman.

“I feel like I cheer the most out of the freshmen, even though we are freshmen, and we have to sit in the back, I feel I do more cheering unlike the others,” Woods said. “The seniors yell at us a lot, but we do cheer a lot after they do, and we start stepping it up.” 

But it seems as though the freshmen have been waiting for this moment. “I love it.” said Woods “Looking back ever since I was playing football on that hill next to the Nest, I’ve always wanted to be apart of what they did in The Nest.” 

The Nest has cheered on Wahlert athletes for a long time, and it’s doubtful it will go away anytime soon.

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