Ms. Wagner leaves behind legacy

Ms. Cynthia Wagner is different things to different people. To the cross country team, she’s a fierce, determined, and loving coach. To the Senate, she’s an organized and hard-working leader. To the student body, she’s a respected figure and role model. After 44 years of working at Wahlert, Ms. Wagner is bringing her career to a close, but her impact on Wahlert Catholic is lasting.

Aunna Huseman, ‘20, appreciates Ms. Wagner’s encouraging presence as a cross country coach.

“Once, Ms. Wagner and I were driving to a meet, and she started singing along to the radio with me; it was really sweet. She is a great coach and always pushes us to reach our potential,” said Huseman. Ms. Wagner’s determination to create a pleasant environment for the cross country girls is evident in the way she interacts with the team members; she develops strong bonds with each girl to learn how to coach them best.

In addition to being a motivating and thoughtful coach, Ms. Wagner is an extremely organized leader, both in Senate and in her role as vice principal. Joey Rauch, ‘19, has been a member of Senate for four years. He admires Ms. Wagner’s dedication and conscientiousness.

“I love seeing Ms. Wagner in Senate meetings because she’s always on top of things and you can see how organized she is,” said Joey. “You can always rely on her, and she’s definitely shown me what it means to take responsibility as a leader.” Ms. Wagner shows students what it means to be a strong, prepared leader that brings out the best in others.

As a female in a typically male-dominated administrative role, Ms. Wagner is also an inspiration to girls that strive to be in leadership positions. Student Body President Shantelle Graff, ‘19, values Ms. Wagner’s place in leadership.

“She’s a strong woman and great inspiration for girls who want to be leaders. I’ve always looked up to her as a strong female character because she is so dedicated and organized. I’m happy she’s moving on with her life, but I’ll miss her presence a lot,” said Graff.

Not only has Ms. Wagner impacted students; many teachers are also inspired by her dedication. Ms. Ressler has been working with Ms. Wagner for more than 40 years. She recalls the way Ms. Wagner is able to take charge in tough situations.

“One of the most outstanding memories I have of Ms. Wagner captures her courage. The school was going through a renovation, and the teachers caught word that there was a very serious mechanical problem. Faculty and students didn’t know what was going on, so Ms. Wagner spoke over the intercom, very calmly informing everyone to exit the building without turning any switches or electrical items on or off,” said Ressler.

“The very act of turning on the intercom to tell the school was risky for Ms. Wagner, so it was a very brave and admirable thing for her to do.” Ms. Ressler went on to say that the event showed Ms. Wagner’s composure amidst threatening situations. Ms. Wagner continues to be a collected, level-headed presence in our school.

Ms. Wagner has impacted the faculty and students at Wahlert for years, and she has been affected in return. The many groups of people who have walked the halls throughout her years at Wahlert have shown her how to grow and change as the world changes outside these walls.

“I’ll miss the daily interaction with students and teachers. Students are so aware of their world, and they’ve allowed me to see that over the years; they help my attitude change and grow along with them,” said Wagner.

Wahlert has shaped Ms. Wagner over the decades just as she has shaped countless young people as they go out into the world better students, runners, and leaders.