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Teams fight for the “Golden Deck” at Euchre Night

Jack Doyle, Reporter

January 29, 2018

In their sixth game of the day, Jillian Atkinson and Laurel Curtiss, ‘19, laid their final cards to defeat Joe Kann and Bryce Osterberger, ‘19, in Wahlert’s inaugural Euchre Night. This secured the two of them a “golden deck” and bragging rights amongst classmates. Euchre Night kick...

Where are you going to college?

Where are you going to college?

Emma Earles, Editor

January 11, 2018

With second semester starting on Tuesday, many seniors are realizing how close they are to graduating. The majority of the senior class is nowhere closer to deciding where they’ll go to college than they were in the fall. However, the lucky few who have committed are ready for the coming fall and h...

Swimming and volleyball soar at State

The volleyball team celebrates their second straight state championship.

Maeve Breslin, Editor

November 29, 2017

As winter sports begin to pick up, it’s important to take a look back at the successful seasons that took place earlier this year. Swimming and volleyball both had incredible seasons and through their hard work and dedication, both punched their tickets to state! The girls’ swim team ended their incredibl...

Baking up lots of fun

Hannah Scheisl, Jessica Perez, Alaina Schmidt, Christine Kalb, Libby Wedewer, '20, Adrianna Schroeder, '18, and Avery Fair, '20, helped bake cookies for the open house for the incoming freshmen of the 2018-2019 school year.

Maddie Roling, Reporter

November 20, 2017

After sitting in class all day, the first thought that may come to mind as you’re racing out of school is how hungry you are. Thanks to Aly Forbes and Lupita Mendez, ‘18, there is a solution to that problem, and it starts in Mrs. Allison Pusateri’s classroom. The Baking Club takes place after s...

John Green is coming out of his shell

Sophia Shubatt

November 14, 2017

      When wanted billionaire, Russell Pickett, goes on the lamb with a $100,000 bounty on his head, sixteen-year-old Aza steps in. Along with her best friend and Pickett’s son, Davis, they stay hot on the trail of the fugitive, while discovering themselves in the process.         I can remember in se...

How to crush your friends with cardboard

Marcus Wahlert, Reporter

November 12, 2017

Do you like competing with your friends? Do you like outwitting your opponents with superior strategy? How about just having good, old-fashioned fun? If so, Wahlert may have a new club for you. Boardgame Club is a new weekly club, focused on allowing students to play board, card, and other face-to-face ga...

Shubatt psyched for second place

Shubatt psyched for second place

Ashley Osterberger, Reporter

November 2, 2017

Not too many people think about the effects of writing a paper, including possibly winning money. Most people would think, “I would never win,” but Isabel Shubatt, ‘19, had a different experience. Shubatt was one of many students who entered the Catholic Daughters of America competition as a...

These students ‘merit’ a round of applause

Joe Patrick, Jayne Munshower, and Annie Hermann, '18, were selected as National Merit Seminfinalists.

Maeve Breslin, Editor

November 2, 2017

In early September, three seniors, Joe Patrick, Annie Hermann, and Jayne Munshower, earned the academic honor of National Merit Semifinalist. They are three of 16,000 semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship Competition. Annie Hermann, ‘18, was very surprised when she found out about the honor....

Edging out the old

Elizabeth Gehling, Associate Editor

October 31, 2017

Do you ever feel like the normal classroom isn’t right for you? That the traditional way of teaching isn’t the most effective? The EDGE program may be the solution for you. The EDGE (Engage. Discern. Grow. Excel) Program was recently introduced to Mazzuchelli this year, and they are the first middle school in Iowa to participate. Twenty-five six...

Ban the Tan

Carly Heying, Author

March 31, 2017

As prom season begins, tanning-danger-awareness organizations are promoting a tan-free prom season. OutRun the RAYS, a non-profit organization, has turned tanning-danger awareness into a chance for high schoolers to win cash and prizes. OutRun the RAYS is sponsoring a program called Ban the Tan for j...

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